Intel Optane Acceleration Card, 32GB, PCIe, M.2 2280

Intel Optane Acceleration Card, 32GB, PCIe, M.2 2280

A smart, adaptable system accelerator that delivers a faster, smoother, and amazingly responsive experience.

A computer with Intel Optane memory installed delivers the best of both worlds. The performance of an SSD and the storage of an HDD. By learning and remembering the way you work, Intel Optane memory can accelerate the things that matter most to you, turning your habits into productivity advantages. Now you can launch your web browser up to 5x faster, open e-mail up to 5.8x faster, and fire up your content rich presentations up to 3.8x faster. Everything you do will feel faster, smoother, and easier.

Intel Optane acceleration cards can only be paired with ”Intel Optane ready” systems or motherboards.

• Capacity: On-board 32GB Flash memory
• Connects via M.2 2290 PCIe slot
• Compatible with any Intel Optane ready system or motherboard
• Save files up to 4x faster and 65% improvement in loading games
• Ideal for running data intensive applications, multiple games, and creating and editing large format media.